Mr. Big Foot

Mr. Big Foot (seven weeks old and he doesn't fit into 0-6 month shoes!)
Jack has the largest baby feet I have ever seen. The kid has already outgrown his 0-6 month shoes! Tyler and I are really sad because they look so darn cute on him. He's also outgrown his 0-6 month socks - the heel is now in the center of his foot, but I'm not buying more socks so he still wears them. :)

Cozy little hat made by my friend Alicia

Also, check out this ridiculously adorable hat (above) made by my friend Alicia. She is so talented! She also made our favorite baby blanket (below) that everyone comments on how cute it of a pattern it is. They always ask about it! Thanks, Alicia!


taggartfamily said...

So precious I miss yall!

The Boring Family said...

Cute hat! I think baby socks are overrated. Put him cute sleep-n-play footsies--they keep his feet warm and you won't have to constantly scramble for the sock he just kicked off!!