(our little dude, all decked out in red and green for the church Christmas party)

My friend Jess got me (well, Jack) moccasins for my baby shower. At first I wasn't sure what to put them with and was so sad because they are so adorable! But recently I have found many outfits that they go with. They pretty much match anything, actually! He wears them all the time and I get so many compliments on them. I used to think shoes for newborns was tacky, but with the freezing cold (well, actually it was a mild 45 degrees today!) weather here in Utah it's almost necessary to have something on their feet to keep them warm! These moccasin slippers are the perfect thing. My sister (who just had her baby today on the toilet at the hospital!!) bought a pair for her little munchkin too! Pick up a pair for yourself (well, the baby) at Target.

And now I know you are all dying to know about my sister having a baby on the potty at the hospital. Funny story, actually...our family delivers babies pretty fast (all within 9 hours from start to finish on the first, and with the subsequent babies usually within 2 to 3 hours). Courtney woke up at 3:00am, woke up her husband at 3:30am, and left for the hospital at 3:45am. They made it to the hospital at 4:15am. She barely made it through the parking lot (and thank goodness to the labor & delivery floor) where she had to pee. She sat on the toilet in her room, and luckily the nurses happened to be there (without gloves or anything - completely unprepared) and in three pushes he was out! Yikes! What a cool birth story though. I told her it was a good thing he wasn't born in the car because they would have had to pull over and bury the placenta in someone's front yard, haha! Both Momma and baby are doing great. :)

Our latest family snapshot, taken tonight. I picked up this festive sweater at D.I. (the local thrift store). Too bad you can't really see Tyler's ugly Christmas tie we picked up at D.I. We found out when we got home that it even plays music! What a bonus!

Anyway, I love the holiday season. It's so much fun to decorate and eat cookies and make crafty things. (See my latest project on the next post, coming soon.) I tell Tyler all the time, "Look how festive I am!" (That's pretty much my catchphrase of any holiday where I decorate.) He just laughs at me. But really, I feel like such a good wifey when I put up Christmas lights, a tree, and hang ornaments on a green, bushy garland. My favorite thing is drinking hot chocolate every night. Which reminds me - have I mentioned how delectable and yummy Stephen's Chocolate Mint Truffle hot cocoa is? With milk, it is just about the creamiest concoction ever. Oh, I just love, love Christmas.


Linze Kate said...

I saw that sweater and thought, "OMG. Is she getting frumpy now that she's a mom. NO! She is the cutest dresser!" THEN, I read the actual entry... YEA.

Sorry I ever doubted you. You're just too cute to lose to the frumpy side. (Unless it's one of those sweats and a T-shirt days... we all love those. :P)

Jess said...

The moccasins look soo soo cute on him!! I'm glad he's getting some use out of them because i always worry if baby shoes will even get worn before they grow out of them!! You guys look great - cuuute family!