One Month

(Isn't his outfit cute? Black Friday at Old Navy. I couldn't resist.)

Yesterday marked Jack's one month birthday. (Tyler is very insistent that there is a difference between one month and four weeks, so we kind of celebrated both.)

Some of Jack's favorite things are:

-bath time (Jack loves to take showers with his Daddy, but he also loves his little fisher price whale tub. He loves warm water!)

-snuggling up to Mommy or Daddy's chest (he gets all scrunched up and warm, and just snuggles right up to me. I think this is my favorite thing so far about being a Mommy. My heart melts every time he does this! There are definitely days where I am crazy and tell myself Jack loves Tyler more than me, but then he does this and I remember that he will never choose between us. He loves us both so much!)

-when Daddy gives him loads of kisses when he gets home from school (he loves when Tyler kisses his cheeks and ears.)

-milk (this little boy can drink! Most places I have read say he should be drinking 3-4 ounces, but Jack definitely downs 4-5 ounces each feeding! He's quite the milkaholic.)

-his hands (Jack loves to chew on his hands, and he loves them close to his face. He is also very patient with letting me clip his fingernails - no sneaking around while he is asleep! He also likes it when Daddy eats his hands - he pulls them out all by himself now.)

-being swaddled (because he loves his hands close to his face so much, I didn't even try swaddling him at first. But I started around 2 1/2 weeks and he sleeps so much better! He falls asleep much quicker and stays asleep longer, possibly because he woke himself up before by moving his hands to his face.)

-sleep (After he yawns a couple of times, Jack now lets me set him in his crib and he usually falls asleep within minutes. No more rocking this guy to sleep for 40 minutes!)

-talking (this boy can talk! He will talk to you, to himself, to anyone - or anything, for that matter - that will listen! I think he learned it from his Mommy and Daddy, haha! He is also great at squealing and squawking. Maybe he picked up those traits from the Bird Show we saw at the Wild Animal Park before he was born?)

-smiling (just kidding. This one hasn't happened yet, but I know it will soon! This little guy is happy pretty much all the time, which makes Mommy happy too!)

 (we love his dino outfit from carters! the stegosaurus hood and mocassins make me smile every time!)

Other things Jack likes to do:
-bend his head back and look around
-eat, sleep, and poop
-see further than 12 inches (!! this one is huge for us! so exciting!!)
-make the derek zoolander face
-purse his lips
-flail his arms and sometimes try to sneak the burp cloth out from under his chin
-hold his head up and look from right to left (he doesn't "bob" anymore - he's pretty steady)
-roll over (true story! we had 4 witnesses!)

We love you, Jackie D! (Anyone catch that 30 Rock reference? Anyone??) We are so happy to have you in our family!

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Courtney said...

It's pretty amazing how fast they grow up. My one-day old can't do any of those things and is on one ounce bottles.