My Name is Jack

Hi, my name is Jack.

I'm five weeks old today, and very curious about all sorts of things.

I love to look around at everything going on around me. It is becoming quite a satisfying experience. 

I love to work out everyday so I can build up strong muscles for the ladies. I wiggle on the ground, throw my hands up in the air, and kick my feet as hard as I can. I'm usually exhausted after all this hard work. But it's all worth it. Ladies, take a look at my muscles!

I love it when my mom dresses me up for Sunday church, but sometimes I think she goes a little overboard on the "cuteness" factor. C'mon, Mom...you're embarrassing me.

I like to stick out my tongue and make silly faces for my Mommy and Daddy. It's pretty hilarious how entertaining they think I am.

My Daddy calls me a Milkaholic because sometimes I get too excited and eat too much. I usually spit up afterward. Milk just tastes too good!

My Mommy thinks I have big feet. Thanks, Mom. Way to boost my self-esteem.

I'm a really happy baby. See? I told you all I could smile. (But shh...don't tell Daddy!)

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Alicia said...

This is adorable! Definitely a post for the scrapbook!