Guys, this parenthood thing is hard. Especially for an emotional postpartum mommy.

These past few weeks have been a little hard. I mentioned earlier that Jack loves both of us equally, but some days it is just hard to see that. I spend all day with the baby but when Tyler comes home all of a sudden it seems like Jack just lights up and wants to play. Why doesn't he like to play with me? Is it because he sees me all day? Why are daddies so much more fun to kids than mommies?

Then I came across this quote today:

On hard days like today I just need to remember that I am important in Jack's life, even if it doesn't seem like it right now. I am by nature the comforting one, the nourishment, the security. He does need me. I am important. I am different than Tyler, but that's okay. We both have equally important roles as parents.


The Boring Family said...

I really like that quote.
One day, all too soon, in fact, you're toddler will put her (his) hands on her (his) hips and, with a grimace on her (his) face, say, "You're a mean mommy!" And, then, like only little kids can do, about five minutes later, come running up and give you a big bear hug and say, "I love you, mommy!" That's when you know you're doing a good job!

Kamie said...

Love love this post!!! I feel that way all the time... even today was kinda like that. Great quote, made me feel better!

Linze Kate said...

You're amazing, Alex. Keep it up!
Jack LOVES you - remember that. You know it. However, I think your whole life you'll see a bit of the "Dad's home!" thing... and that's okay - a good thing. I'm sorry it's hard somedays though... Keep it up.
You're his angel.