Chef Tyler

TWO nights in a row this past weekend Tyler cooked dinner. He really spoils me sometimes. :)  He has this thing about cooking meals that he's never tried before (or even making up recipes) when we have people over for dinner. It drives me crazy, but I think luckily he's (almost always) been successful. Our poor friends Lindsay and Matt! They always seem to be our taste-testing friends when Tyler goes on a cooking spree.

This past Saturday he made some sort of chicken thing, and on Sunday night he made Pastel Azteca (for just us two). [Correct me if I'm wrong, Tyler] but I believe it's an aztec/mayan food. Basically it has fried tortilla, lots of gooey cheese, hand-shredded chicken and some sort of sauce. Not entirely sure what was in it, but it was delicious. A little spicy for me though, so I was heaping on the sour cream!

He also used his Christmas present for the first time. I got him a lemon squeezer, just like the one that Paula Deen and Guy Fieri use on Food Network. It works so well and the limeade was delicious.

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