FREE Printable Calendar

On another blog I read they mentioned this free (!!) printable calendar from Jeannie Jeannie. I am in love with its bold, graphic quality and wish I had created it myself.
I normally bookmark things like this and intend to print them out one day (which means it will probably never happen) but since I am already printing things out on campus today, I thought I'd throw this job in there too. Soon we will have this lovely, graphic calendar on our family room wall. :) It will hang on the blank wall where our giant, oversized clock used to hang. Unfortunately when we moved into this apartment I didn't secure it on the wall correctly and it fell and broke. We tried to fix it, but deemed it "unfixable". Sad. I still want to get another oversized clock but maybe that will have to happen towards the end of this year when we move.


Lizzy said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Jordan said...

This is super cute! Good Idea Alie!