The Hunger Games

I've never seen Tyler read a book so intently before!
It always happens to me. I never understand what all the buzz and hype is about until I actually try it and then I'm hooked. It was that way for the Angry Birds game on the iphone, skinny jeans and now The Hunger Games series. (Although I must admit I've never been impressed with the Twilight series, Britney Spears or N'Sync, or any type of creature you eat that comes from the sea.)

Have you all read the Hunger Games series? I bet you have. Tyler and I seem to be the last to jump on the boat with the books. Nevertheless we are both starting book #2 tonight. (I have a feeling we'll be fighting over it because we only have one copy, but lucky for me Tyler has a midterm to study for!) The first book was a tinch predictable but that didn't make me want to stop reading it. I can't wait to get started on the next one. When Tyler was reading the book he kept having to "politely" tell me to not to bother him. I loved how into it he got!


And any post wouldn't be complete without bragging about what a cute baby we have, right? Kidding. Kind of.
Bath time. Tyler made sure to cover the little guy up (so his future girlfriend won't internet stalk him years later and find a surprise!)

What do I do with all of his hair? And all of those cowlicks? I want to give him a haircut but who gives a 3-month old a haircut?? And I'm worried his cowlicks will just get worse if I cut it. He can wear his hair curly or straight, but if I put too much product in it his hair gets greasy really fast. Suggestions?

Some tidbits I want to remember:
He has recently become fascinated with the couch cushions.
He laughed yesterday when I read him The Alphabet Bookby P.D. Eastman. When I got to the letter J and read "juggler with jack-o'-lanterns" he giggled.
He sleeps 9-10 hours every night, from about 10 at night to 7 or 8 in the morning. It's really nice for Momma!
He is 25+ inches tall! (Kind of hard to get an accurate measurement) He is probably 14 pounds now. Yikes!!
He loves to kick his arms and legs! It looks like uncoordinated jumping jacks.
He loves when I read to him.
After he sneezes he always goes, "ahhhhh" afterwards. Cute!
No matter what time church is, he always wants to eat during Sunday School. Does he find it boring??
He eats about 5-6 ounces each feeding, and doesn't mind ice cold milk anymore (see this post). Some days he goes 4 hours between each feeding, and STILL sleeps through the night!
He is normally very well-behaved in public. Well, he is at home too. But everyone always comments on how "content" he is just sitting in our laps.
He loves air being blown in his face. It's pretty much a guaranteed smile. :)


The Boring Family said...

Morgan used to "aaah" after she sneezed. It's pretty cute! That's so fun that he loves it when you read to him. Good thing to start now so he's not as wiggly later!
Glad you're liking the Hunger Games. Like I said, I had the first two done in about 3 days--total!

Kamie said...

He's getting so big! We need to get together soon so the boys can play!