A Hoot A Day

I love owls. I remember growing up there was an owl who lived at the top of a giant palm tree at our K-8 school. No kidding! We'd collect owl pellets (aka owl vomit/hairballs) to dissect in science class. Kind of gross, but at least we knew where the pellets came from, am I right? Who knows where those cow hearts have been.

There's a blog I recently heard about that I'd love to share with you. It'll touch the hearts of the owl lover inside each and every one of you. It's called 'a hoot a day' and everyday the artist, jen peters, posts an illustration of an owl. A different.one.each.day. Yikes! I wonder how long she can keep something like this up? 

I'm impressed with what she's got so far! What a neat little project.

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