Kindle Lending Club

Here's an awesome website created by Amazon that allows people to borrow and share their Kindle books! It's easy to register and navigate the site, and completely safe. :) This has been EXACTLY what I've been looking for!! I've already requested The Hunger Games and Ender's Game.

**EDIT: The way it works is you sign in (I used my Facebook account) and then you can request a book you want. You just type in the title you want and then hit "request" and the system will find someone and ask them if they can lend it to you. You can also post your own books (manually) to lend. On the Kindle, you can only lend out your books once, and I believe it is for 14 days. But I see this as more than fair. :)

I am currently engulfed in a book called Matched by Ally Condie. It is about a "perfect" Society, where everyone's choices are made for them: what they wear, eat, their vocation, and even their marriage "Matches". Cassia is the protagonist who is matched with her childhood friend Xander, but also accidentally (due to a system malfunction) matched with a boy named Ky. This makes her really doubt who he true Match is and who she is supposed to be with. She also begins to doubt everything around her being controlled by the Society. Based on what I've heard, it's sort of like a lighter-reading cross between 1984 and The Giver? It's very clean and a quick read. I'm almost done and so excited to see how it ends! Five stars.

(I'm also excited to read Ally Condie's other novel, Crossed.)


Lauren said...

Neat! How does it work? Do you lose the file on your Kindle for awhile? Is it for a set amount of time or until you finish?

That book does sound a lot like The Giver - if you haven't read that yet I definitely recommend it. One of my favorite books ever. Be careful when you start The Hunger Games...that was the first book in years I pulled an all-nighter to finish because I had to know what happens next.

The Boring Family said...

I usually take my time with books and I had BOTH of the first 2 Hunger Games done in about 4 days! Unfortunately, the 3rd hadn't come out yet, so I had to wait for it!

About the Giver--I really liked it. I recommend it, too!