Kitchen Tips

Two kitchen tips that I wish I would have known earlier:

1. When measuring peanut butter or shortening, or some other sticky substance (honey?), line your measuring cup with plastic wrap. Spoon your ingredient in and drop it into your bowl. Then toss the plastic wrap and clean-up is done!

2. In Utah the climate is so dry that your brown sugar tends to harden like a rock within a few hours of being exposed to air. Drop a couple of marshmallows into your brown sugar jar and it'll stay soft and crumbly, just like it's supposed to. I also keep an open bag of mini-marshmallows (it's what I had on hand) on the top of my large, 25-lb tub of white sugar.


Kim said...

My shortening trick: when a recipe calls for eggs also, dump the egg in the measuring cup first and coat the sides, then it's all slippery-ready for shortening.

Alie said...

Ooh - that's smart, Kim! I love learning new time-saving tricks.

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