Travel Posters

[I made my younger sister a set of greeting cards and this was on the front of them. Doesn't it just make you smile?]

A few weeks ago I had an idea. A "brilliant beyond brilliant" idea. Ever since the tragic death of our over-sized wall clock several months ago, I haven't bothered to really decorate the wall behind our couch. The one piece of art that was there wasn't even centered. Embarrassing, right? 

Then one night while I was trying to fall asleep the words "vintage travel posters" popped into my mind. Bingo! The next day I started working on them.

The process was fairly quick, but not painless. My original idea was to download and print real vintage travel posters and hang them on our wall. This was proving difficult because all of the designs I liked and that fit together weren't large enough images to print out.  And it's definitely not in our budget to buy five (or even one) $20 posters. So we scratched that idea. Tyler then suggested, "why don't you just make your own?" Riiiiight. Why hadn't I thought of that in the first place?

We decided I would make travel posters of places we have either been together or have visited separately. While looking online for inspiration I came across the beautiful NYC poster below. I loved it so much that I simply tweaked it here and there and called it good. I also found the San Francisco and Hawaii ones, and tweaked them a little bit too. I can't call those my own, but they certainly were the perfect inspiration pieces. The style is absolutely perfect for what I want our family room to be. Using the NYC, San Francisco, and Hawaii posters as inspiration, I made the London and the Paris posters from scratch.

I'm really happy with how they turned out. Tyler even let me buy some frames for them to go in. I'm digging all the bright colors - I get so happy every time I see them!

And p.s. here is another sneak peek at my hair:

[and baby jack:]


The Boring Family said...

I really like your art work! It looks great in that room!

Kim said...

Those are adorable- such a great idea! Who says a living room has to take itself seriously?

Courtney said...

Your posters turned out awesome! Again, your hair looks great- it shapes your face so well.

The Boring Family said...

The girls just asked to see a picture of Baby Jack, so I went to your blog. Morgan said, "There he is, Sadie." Sadie said, "He don't have clothes on!"