the beach in our living room

We bought this painting back in August at the local thrift store for $5. Yep, that's right folks, $5.

Unfortunately I have to admit we only bought it for the frame. The painting itself isn't really my style. It has never fit with our family room and has always driven me crazy hanging on the wall. I mean to repaint it back in August when we got it (ya know, before the baby came and my life changed drastically) but that never happened. But Friday night Tyler had to take a test (the smarty-pants got a 95% on it, by the way...) so I decided to paint. What have I always done when I'm lonely? Paint.
I first painted it yellow. Then I decided I wanted the beach and sunshine to inspire me.
Here's the finished product (above). It matches much better than before. When Jack is old enough, I'm going to let him paint it again with me. Abstract is just my thing.

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