DIY Pearl Hair Pin

One of the best accessories to complete an outfit without going over the top are pearls. I got my first set from my grandma when I turned sixteen and they've been a favorite of mine ever since. They're timeless and beautiful, and you can wear them with almost anything. I dress them up and dress them down. I wore a strand of pearls on my wedding day (see below) and today I'm wearing the same strand today with a black shirt. I've got four (yes, I know that seems a bit much) pearl necklaces, a pearl ring, a bracelet, earrings, and now a faux pearl clip I made this morning to go in my hair.

I'm a little obsessed with pearls, but when used sparingly they can really dress up just a plain outfit so easily. I don't wear them everyday, or even once a week. But you know those "blah" days where nothing you do seems to go right? Put on a strand of pearls and you'll feel just like Fancy Nancy. (Have you read that children's book? I read two of them with my niece this past weekend and they were great!)

To make my pearl clip, I used craft-store pearls that are sticky on the bottom. Using a tiny dab of hot glue, glue them one at a time to a clip (find hair clips at a beauty store, such as Sally Beauty). This would also be darling in a little girl's hair in place of the expected flower. Pair it with a red or pink dress and she can be Fancy Nancy for the day!

photo by Mariah Baddas based out of San Diego, California.
She was the most amazing wedding photographer EVER.

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