I Can't Wait to Grow Up (I'm not a Toys-R-Us kid.)

My friend Kamie made an excellent point recently that Mommas are usually the ones taking the pictures, so they rarely get photos with their own children. I totally agree with this so my new goal is to take photos of Tyler and I with Jack more often. 
Momma and Jack, ready to watch the BYU game

Let me just start off by saying Tyler Florence's Ultimate Chicken Parmigiana is ah-may-zing. Totally worth the two hours of effort. (And I'm sure it's even more spectacular when paired with his ultimate caesar salad and herbed garlic bread. Although I bet my caesar salad recipe is better...just sayin'.)

And do you see my new, cleaner blog header? Do you love it? I do. I've been a big fan of white, clear spaces lately. I think Tyler hates when I do this but I keep walking around, dejunking the house so I don't feel so claustrophobic all the time. Same goes for the blog. Blog, consider yourself dejunked. And how about my search bar? Don't know if it helps anyone else out but it sure makes life a heck of a lot easier for me. :)


My mom just bought baby Jack a bumbo chair. You know, those silly little plastic chairs that babies sit in? I thought $35 was way too hefty of a price tag to spend on a piece of thick foam, but Jack's physical therapist recommended we get one. Thank you, Mom for splurging on us. :) 

You see, Jack is opposite of Peter Pan. Peter never wanted to grow up, but that's all Jack has wanted to do since he popped out of the oven. He immediately started talking (throwing the nurses in a tizzy), he has never been fond of blankets, he has never taken a binky, and he has always hated to be cradled. He's pretty much afraid to be a baby. So in all of this "i hate being a baby" stage he hasn't curled up enough in a ball, allowing for "fluction(?)" as our PT puts it. Instead of arching his back all the time, Dr. Ben wants Jack to curl up more.

So make things short and sweet, Dr. Ben wants Jack to "curl up" and sit in this silly baby chair.

Good thing Jack loves it. :)
This is his, "Uh...I'm not so sure about this, Momma..." face.
Good thing he warmed up really quick to the idea that he could actually be somewhat independent in the Bumbo.

Look at him shaking that rattle!

 Below are two different brands of 6-9 month pajamas, which fit our almost-4-month-old with little room to spare. Oh, golly. (See the footsie grippers on the bottom? Pretty sure that's made for kiddos who are ready to start crawling and standing. Jack can't even sit on his own yet alone crawl!)
This lion toy is by far his favorite. He loves to hug and cuddle it!


The Boring Family said...

We're borrowing the bumbo this summer when Jack's sitting and crawling on his own and doesn't need it anymore!
Also, have you bought him a second lion toy?? Start rotating them NOW, so they both smell the same, wear the same, etc. It'll be great when one gets dirty and you have an identical to spare (or, like Afton, have Baxter and Peachy to tote around)! We love having two blankies and two bunnies for the girls!

The Boring Family said...

Oh, I almost forgot! Go Cougars! Wasn't that an awesome game?!?!

Linze Kate said...

Man - he just gets cuter and cuter, doesn't he!? Haha...

This may seem random, but I love your blog (and the cute header). Really - love.