Family Home Evening (Printable Chart)

As Mormons we are instructed to hold what we call Family Home Evening once a week. This typically falls on Monday night. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything formal and structured, but we are encouraged to spend time together as a family during FHE. 

As single college students, you are split into FHE groups and do fun activities together each week. But once you get married you're pretty much on your own, and sometimes it's hard to remember. I decided one of my goals this month (March) is to be diligent about FHE every Monday night. I made a chart for our family, and you can print one out if you'd like too. 

Below is the chart. Print out the first picture on cardstock. You can laminate it, or I have framed it in an 8x10 picture frame. Print out the second set and fill in family member names. Laminate those names and rotate them around the board each week. 

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