Everyone, meet Oskar, the newest member of the Jones family!

We decided to change the name of the car because Sonata just doesn't have that special ring to it. Nope, it doesn't do it for me. And how fun will it be for Jack when he gets bigger to call our car Oscar?

Oscar/Oskar is a replacement for our 1996 Ford Explorer and 1994 GMC Sonoma truck. Seriously. Think we were overdue for car replacements?! Oscar is sleek and shiny and new compared to our truck and explorer. 

We posted our explorer on the classifieds today and within 5 minutes we got a phone call and within 3 hours it was sold. Just like that. I admit I am very disappointed though in the people we sold it to. Usually you are worried about the seller of the car, not the buyer, but these guys were ... well, interesting to say the least. Looking back on it we wish we would have given the car a better home.

But what's done is done. R.I.P., Explorer.


Here's Oscar, up-close and personal:

We love our new sonata! Here's why:
  • It is so incredibly quiet. When you turn it on and let it idle, you can't even hear it. No more turning up the music to compensate for the engine! 
  • We love the MP3 player/AUX input with the screen. We can control our ipod right from the built-in radio and charge it at the same time.
  • The heater AND the air work wonderfully! I bet Tyler will even let me keep the AC on while driving through the desert to California. Usually we have to turn it off to make sure the car doesn't overheat. And then my eyebrows sweat and Tyler makes fun of me for it.
  • The trunk is HUGE! It also comes with a rubber mat that is waterproof, so when we put a muddy stroller in the trunk we don't have to worry. We'll just rinse off the mat when we get home!
  • The tinted windows are really nice. Now we won't have to have one of those silly baby shades in our back window.
  • Low miles. 60k bumper-to-bumper warranty.
  • The salesman was wonderful! We couldn't have asked for a better experience. If anyone in the area is buying a car, we cannot recommend Murdock Hyundai enough! Lance was our salesman and we loved his quirky personality. He reminded us of ... well, us. :)
  • It handles really well. I drove in newly powdered snow this morning and it was fine. The ride is very quiet and smooth.
  • It heats up pretty quickly. No more bitter cold mornings.
We really love it and are so blessed to have it!

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