Tiger Stripes

Jack's fingernails are the fastest growing fingernails I've ever seen. Maybe it's all those nutrient-rich bottles I pump into him.

Today he woke up stripe-free but by early this afternoon he had tiger stripes all over his face! Luckily they go away within a day or two, but I just can't keep up with those darn fingernails!

On another note, he seems to tolerate/(sometimes) adore the new sling. Here he is giggling in it:

And I don't know what it is about this particular 0-3month outfit, but it FINALLY fits him! Almost. His pants are still two sizes too large but the sweater vest sure is cute!

Fun facts about Jack:
  • he has learned it is appropriate to giggle when I tickle his feet.
  • his favorite play time takes place on his changing table. go figure.
  • he is so much better at turning his head left! when he takes naps he even chooses to turn his head left. I always silently congratulate him.
  • he still spits out any food we put in his mouth.
  • he has learned to touch things with his arms. go, jack go!
  • his smile is absolutely contagious.
  • he giggles quite often and even is starting to full-on laugh.
  • he always pees in his bathtub. oh bother.
  • he slept 11 hours last night! (well, went 11 hours without food. 10 1/2 hours of sleeping.) 
  • His favorite time of the week is when we lay him on our bed on Sunday mornings. He loves watching us get ready for church. He is the most playful and giggly on Sunday mornings!

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