When Pigs Fly

A few years back my dad started getting really into professional barbecuing. As in he travels to and attends competitions where they barbecue all weekend. Crazy, right? 

 Here are my parents a few years ago (2008).

 Floydd is a pig statue that lives in my mom's living room. He used to come along for every competition and we'd securely strap him in to make sure nothing happened to him!

Fortunately my husband Tyler loves my dad's hobby. How many meat-loving husbands can claim that their father-in-law professionally barbecues? Tyler has started to pick up the art of barbecuing as well, although we don't do it on a big smoker. Last week Tyler made some absolutely to-die-for grilled chicken. I don't eat a lot of meat, but I was gobbling those wings up!

Here is my Dad's chicken a few years back:

Pulled pork:

Beef Brisket:

My dad is opening up a little "to-go"/catering restaurant in his Chevron station. I revamped and updated his logo and here is what it looks like:
What do you think? Is the pink bright enough? Do you love the font? (It's Museo Slab 500. I love that it came with a ligature glyph for the "fl"!)

It's also my dad's birthday today. Happy birthday, Dad! 
My favorite thing about Dad is his "bathroom jokes". There are several joke books in our downstairs guest bathroom and the rule is when you come out you've got to share a joke with everybody! I think only Dad and I follow this tradition though. He always tells the best ones! (He's even called me up once or twice to share these jokes and I love it.) Love you, Dad!

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