I've got a confession to make.

[Sometimes when Jack is fast asleep, I like to stick a binky in his mouth and pretend that he is a baby.]

Shhh. Don't tell my husband. He loves "grown-up Jack".

Is that terrible or what? Jack never liked a pacifier. I feel like I've missed out on that stage of a baby's life because - wait - it never happened! 

One of my favorite baby things to shop for was a binky. I actually get jealous of other people's babies when they are happily sucking away at pacifiers. Sad, huh? It's not that Jack cries a lot and I need to shut him up in public. It's quite the opposite, actually. He is well-behaved most of the time. It's simply that I think binkies are a right of passage. 

And they're so darn cute.



Wheeler Family said...

While you might miss it now, you will be happy in a few years when you don't have to worry about getting rid of it! p.s. Your son's a cutie!

kwistin said...

hahaha no no, that's adorable. atta mommy. :)

ps, i LOVE your new header! what fonts?!

Alie said...

fonts - raleway thin and i think the smaller one is latha??

Kim said...

Our baby isn't even here yet and we already disagree on this one... Cam likes those ugly binkies that are circles and make the baby's mouth look like it's wide open.

The Boring Family said...

You've lucked out that he's not a binky or finger/thumb sucker! My girls were really easy to break because I did it when they were so young, but I hear that it can be torture trying to take a binky away from a toddler! That's a cute picture of Jack, though...if he were a binky baby!