Graduation Announcement

Remember when I made graduation announcements for us? I'm finally getting around to printing and mailing them (send me your address if you'd like one! alie.jonesy {at} gmail {dot} com). Here's our photo to go with it:
(and here is the announcement in case you missed it. or in case you were so excited for us you wanted to send us on a trip to Greece or somethin'...)
I know it's not exactly "formal" or anything, but if you know anything about us, we're not exactly formal type of people. Here was Tyler's original graduation announcement idea, but being the sensible (and boring?) wife I am I vetoed it. I love my husband.

Our friend Jeff graduated (2 years ago?) and his facebook profile looked like this:
Tyler loved the idea, but me...eh, not so much. Maybe if our announcement was just for Tyler. :)

Hooray for graduation in 3 weeks!

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kwistin said...

haha, awesome. and really nice final design! i can't believe you're almost done!! i'm glad we were able to get in a few classes together. :)