Our Story

Update: Here's the digital version so ya'll can read it. I had to separate it into two because it was vertically gifted (ahaha, instead of vertically challenged? yeah? no.) Click on each image to view it larger.

I love Taylor Swift's lyrics to Our Song. I think it would be so sweet to have your own love story put into a song for the entire world to hear.

But alas, neither Tyler or I were given the gift of song. I played percussion in high school, but that was mostly playing the music given to me. I can't sing or dance, but fortunately I discovered I can draw and create.

About a year and a half ago I created a poster for Tyler with "our song" on it for our first-year wedding anniversary. I didn't want any of the details of our engagement to be forgotten. (It's kind of funny because my older siblings argue sometimes about how things "really" took place when they met, but it was 5+ years ago for all of them and none of them can remember! I wanted a way to always keep our story straight.)

Hence, this was created:

And I finally framed it. It took me well over a year and a half to print and frame it, but it finally got done! I was so excited to show Tyler yesterday! :)


kwistin said...

OH my goodness. i am in LOVE with this. do you have an online version so we can read it better? alie. this is adorable and exceptionally well done. and just...adorable! agh! i wanna be in love now too! look what you've done to me! :D

gbrooks said...

super super cute! i love how you told the story and i love the graphics. pretty much the raddest thing ever.

Josh said...

I LOVE this!! I seriously want one for me and Josh!! You are so talented!!