DIY Lined Envelopes

To spruce up our graduation announcements, I thought it would be nice to line our envelopes with some decorative craft paper. And boy, did I find the best craft paper! It's BYU-blue, velvety and baroque-like.

Materials needed:
decorative paper
pen or pencil
bonefolder (optional, but makes things much easier!)

1 Make a template out of cardstock. You can either make your own by tracing your envelope or find a template online. Martha Stewart also shows you how to make one right here.

2 Trace the template onto the back side of your decorative paper, and cut them all out. (I used A7 envelopes and 12"x12" craft paper, and was able to cut out two liners per sheet of craft paper.)

3 Gently slide your liner into the envelope and adjust it where you want it. 

4 Carefully fold over the flap of your envelope and use your bonefolder to make a nice, sharp crease. If you don't have access to a bonefolder, try using a ruler to flatten the creases.

5 Unfold the flap and glue just the top triangle of your paper to the envelope flap.

That's it! Didn't they turn out fantastic? I have heard of people making these for weddings. It does get faster and easier after you've made a few, but I can't imagine making hundreds! Yikes!


Jess said...

wow - such a great idea, why didn't I ever think of this?? lookin' good!!

Life is Good said...

You are so creative. They look awesome!

Hilary said...

These look awesome! I was curious on where you got the graduation insert done (i'm graduating from BYU in April and want to make my own too)I love the design! (I found your blog through a google search sorry this is so random - but I posted this on pinterest so hopefully others will see it too:))

Alie said...

Hi Hilary! I graduated in graphic design so I just made the design myself. If you're interested, I can personalize it for you! Email me: Alie.jonesy [at] gmail.com for more details!