(drumroll, please)

We are excited to finally announce ... 

we're having a baby!

Just kidding. Really, guys ... you thought I could handle pregnancy again so soon? Shame on you. (But kudos to anyone who does have kids so close. You are part of the elite rockstar momma group.)

The real news is that we won't have to wait until September to move out of Provo. Bahaha. Did I trick anyone? (Eh, probably not, but I got a good chuckle out of myself with that one.) Tyler's official KPMG start date is in the beginning of July so we'll be heading out of p-town in less than three months!! (If only you could hear the excitement in my voice, but double exclamation points will have to do for now.)

(p.s. Tyler took the above photo on his internship last summer and sent it to me because I was pregnant. It's from the San Diego Jack-in-the-Box corporate office. Their hallways were lined with all sorts of funny Jack photos.)

(And I know you were thinking it. At least one of you was thinking we might have named our baby after the aforementioned fast food restaurant. No matter how tasty their 2-for-99-cents tacos are, I could never live with myself knowing our son was named after a burger joint, a pirate, a serial killer, or a beer.
Let's get real here. He was named after Jack Black, duh.)

(um, just kidding. again. He really wasn't named after anyone at all.)

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Kim said...

You can't fool us Alie, we all know how you feel about 24.

We also know how you feel about Provo, and I agree completely... the best part is leaving! Yay!