Five Months

Jack turned five (months old) on Saturday. He is growing up so fast!

Jack hasn't mastered (or even tried, really) rolling over on a daily basis. But he does other cool things, like eating baby oatmeal and sleeping a lot.
  • Jack has been extra snuggly these past few days. We love it!

  • Jack loves to eat baby oatmeal. He ate some sweet potatoes yesterday and wasn't a big fan. He hates carrots. Hopefully that will change.
  • He is the best sleeper. He has only woken up once in the middle of the night since he was 8 or 9 weeks old, and after a couple minutes of snuggling went right back to bed. What a champ! He sleeps from 7pm to 10:30pm (when we wake him up to feed him for the last time) and then til 7:30 or 8am in the morning. Momma especially loves this!
  • His thighs are so chubby! (Why can I not get away with chubby thighs?)
  • Since his 4-month at-home-photo-session-with-momma he has learned to fully pick up Leonard (the lion) and snuggle with him. Last month he was only grabbing the tail.
  • He loves to bang on the desk. He also loves to crinkle post-it notes.
  • His new favorite thing is to be thrown in the air. He giggles and laughs hysterically!
  • He's got Justin Bieber hair, but this momma is too nervous to cut it. I just fix it by giving him a cheesy comb-over. Problem solved, right?
  • He hasn't mastered "the lean" (leaning towards a person if they look cooler than whoever is holding him) but he sure has mastered looking for Momma. If I'm around and Daddy's holding him, he'll still look at me almost exclusively. I think we need to change this.
  • The kiddo can find a tv in any room. He is mesmerized by it. I think we need to change this too.
  • His new favorite thing to do is stretch out his sleeping gowns. See below.
  • He loves to read books. He tries to turn the pages, but usually this results in paper cuts, poor guy!
We love you, baby Jack!

See Jack's 4 month pictures here.


Kamie said...

cutie patootie! I like that pic of Jack with Tyler, so adorable!

Linze Kate said...

Oh my word! Could he GET any cuter?! I think not... Okay - what weekend works best over the next month to get together and all see each other before people start taking off? I need more Jack-cutness in my life, and much more Tones/Alex... :)

Jess said...

Ok what a doll! I love that first photo - so dramatic... and his overalls in the one with tyler holding him are soo cute. Maddie is getting some chubby thighs too - i love them but wish I could pull that off as well as she does. Cuuuute cute cute. And once again I'll say, let's get together soon seriously (I am so so sooo sorry about last time. We had a crazy couple of weeks with some bizarre false test results for Maddie that threw us for a loop). Anyways, Jack is such a cutie!!

Kim said...

I love the picture with tyler too- that is a fantastic smolder he's got!