4 Months

 I'm sorry, friends. It's like a super-Jack-attack this week with pictures of the little bean. (But isn't he cute? Doesn't the above photo make you squeal in delight?) 

But alas, sooner or later I'll have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone thinks pictures of our baby is exciting. But I have a right to be biased and think the little man is the cutest baby on the planet, right? Let me indulge just a little bit longer, k?

He is FOUR MONTHS OLD! Remember when he came home from the hospital? Wow, times flies by so quickly! If only I could stop time and keep him little forever!


The Boring Family said...

Are those 6-9 month onesies?? He's getting big! And, look at those chubby little legs! Cute!

Tyler & Robyn said...

For those of us who don't get to see you everyday, I love these pictures of Jack. Makes me feel like I'm there helping him to grow :)

Lauren's blog said...

Ok, that top picture is just too stinkin cute.