Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner...

Remember how Jack likes to stretch out his gowns? We found his like this one night, with his arm all the way out! He never ceases to make us smile. :)

"'Nobody puts Baby in the corner' ... well, I have nothing wrong with putting baby in the corner." -Tyler, quoting Dirty Dancing while putting Jack down to sleep. (Jack can only roll to his left, so Tyler was putting Jack in the corner of his crib so he wouldn't have anywhere to roll so we wouldn't have to rescue him fifteen seconds later.)

Jack has been a rolling nightmare lately. And I truly mean nightmare. I had no idea he wakes up to play in the middle of the night until this past week when I have had to rescue him several times at 4am. And then 4:10am. And then again at 5:30am.

What happened to my perfect little baby? He used to sleep from 10pm to 8am uninterrupted. Now I'm lucky if he makes it to 5:15am without squealing. Now that he's learned to roll over from his back to his tummy he thinks it's cool to show Momma his new trick. Unfortunately, he has no problem showing me in the wee hours of the night.

I'm grouchy. I thought the rolling over ordeal was cute the first three times, but now I'm kind of fed up. Am I allowed to admit that? Am I allowed to admit that I'm absolutely exhausted for the first time in my short 6-months of this parenting game? Jack has always been an excellent baby but these past two weeks have been terrible. I'm excited for him, I really am. I'm excited and thrilled that my little baby is healthy and developing well. But is it too much to ask him to figure out how to roll back the other way? I feel like a lifeguard here, having to rescue him all the time. Can't you just learn to stay out of the deep end if you can't swim?

I'll show you what I mean. Sometimes it's laughable and downright funny:
How do his feet get stuck like that?!

Here's where he can't quite figure out how to pull his leg back in...

I wish I would have snatched a photo of the time he was completely flipped around, facing the wall, with his bum pushed up against the crib bars with his entire legs dangling out. This kid is a mischief maker, but at least he can't get out of the crib yet, right?

Jack is almost 6 months old. He's really grown a lot developmentally in the past two weeks. Here are some fun facts about him:
  • he can roll over from his back to his tummy, but only to the right (and he can't figure out how to roll back).
  • he loves applesauce, and is okay with carrots and sometimes sweet potatoes. he loves baby oatmeal much more than rice cereal. but most of all he prefers a bottle.
  • he loves graham canyon ice cream, just like his momma.
  • he can almost sit up on his own. he just isn't doing it consistently enough to call it sitting up yet.
  • he had his first haircut last friday.
  • he outgrew his 6-9 month pajamas weeks ago but I can't seem to find any other pajamas for him. pretty soon he might just start sleeping in onesies.
  • his little hippo toy in his crib (see above) is named henry and he loves to snuggle and play with it before falling asleep.
  • he giggles at almost everything.
  • he loves to be tossed in the air and bounced high on your knees.
  • he can touch everything on his jungle play gym now, even the butterflies way up top. when he was just a wee little guy i wondered why they put so many toys on it, and how kids were ever supposed to reach them. now i know the answer. kiddos grow - fast.
  • jack babbles in baby talk all the time, and if you talk back to him in baby talk (not english, it has to be gibberish), he'll start a real conversation with you. he can go on for quite a long time this way.
  • he can scoot forward, but hasn't really figured out crawling yet.


Courtney said...

Welcome to the club! I might recommend pulling out the pac'n'play- the sides are soft and flexible so it's no big deal if they roll around. Then in a few months pull out the crib again. Mom's sleep is worth it's weight in gold. Ethan's been waking up too. Two nights ago Rich hurried up and fed him so I wouldn't wake up- he fooled me I thought the little guy had started sleeping through the night again.

Kamie said...

Yep, you think you got a good sleeper and then another milestone hits!!! rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, it never ends! (haha!) Ari has also been doing terrible at night again. Have you thought of getting bumpers for your crib? It may help, maybe Jack wouldn't get as frusterated if his legs couldn't get stuck anymore! I love Ari's baby bumpers. He is so cute; I can't believe he is already 6 months!