Cinco de Mayo Meal

image via foodnetwork

If you're still looking for a good "Mexican" dish to serve for Cinco de Mayo tonight, I'd highly recommend Rachael Ray's Mexican Lasagna. I made it last night for Tyler and we both loved it!

It's a bit healthier than your traditional lasagna because it uses ground chicken instead of beef. I was hesitant at first, but I didn't even miss the beef, or hardly notice the difference! I also used what I had on hand - instead of hot sauce, I used medium salsa, and instead of spinach tortillas (which I am definitely using next time) I used flour. It was super easy and we'll definitely make it again. (Also, her recipe says that it serves 4, but it really serves a heaping 6 portions. Probably more like 8 if you have a side dish.)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (I think many of our neighbors behind our complex ditched school today to celebrate. How fun!)


Tyler & Robyn said...

I LOVE this recipe! It's my standard "Mexican" dish!

His Little Lady said...

ohhh, that meal looks absolutely delicious!
xo TJ