Happy Friday!

Here's A Field Guide to Typestaches to celebrate the weekend! You know how I love typography. (Scroll below for a funny story about that.) I think my favorite is Mr. Wide Latin in the upper right corner. I can picture him with large, aviator sunglasses and a plaid shirt.

Buy an 18x24 poster here. I'm trying to persuade Tyler into letting me have one. (As a birthday present, perhaps?) We wanted a mustache mirror from Skymall a while back, and never ended up getting one. Glad we waited because this is even better!

My little semi-relevant story: You know how I hate comic sans? Jack has outgrown his 6-9 month jammies and I had to find him last-minute 12-month jammies. So I picked up a pair while I was at Walmart that wasn't too terrible (meaning it had no licensed characters on it), and when I opened them up, the pants looked like this:
It was my worst nightmare! Tyler just laughed and laughed. Needless to say, they're being returned. (I promise I'm not a snob - I'll just be the first to admit I'm persnickety about that typeface and where it is allowed to appear.)


gbrooks said...

I seriously love that poster. Love, love, love!

Doesn't everyone with good sense hate comic sans? Very much over used and clearly not the best typeface out there.

Little boys clothes are so hard to find without stupid text and licensed characters. It would be easier if we had girls!

STEVEN + ERIN said...

i busted up laughing when i read that!! poor jack! no one wants to sleep in comic sans....