>> my last first week of school

Alas, school has started for Tyler and I.

Unfortunately, my schedule has not gone as smoothly as I would have hoped, but all is well. It's late Thursday night and I have finally completed my school schedule.

I work a lot. I'll be in class a lot. (But in reality, not nearly as much as Tyler. I've got to give him a lot of credit: he's taking 18 credits again this semester and I'm only taking 13. He wins.)

Really, school is great. I love my graphic design classes, and my Literature and Pearl of Great Price classes are okay too. I'm trying my best to be positive this semester and be excited for the future. But I'm terrified, I really am. Good thing I have a husband who never stops smiling and looks for the positive in everything. He knows everything will work out in the end—he somehow knows we will get an internship, be able to pay for grad school next year, and that I'll find a job. I think I know deep down too that things will work out all right, but I just don't know how. That's frustrating to me.

But life goes on. And school goes on. Thus, here I am finishing up my last first week of school. EVER. At least that's something to be excited about. :)

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Mackenzie said...

I remember that feeling. And trust me, one day, you'll miss it.