pillows for the bedroom

If you remember this post about our new bed, you'll remember it's a slate blue color. I've wanted pillows for our bedroom for quite some time now (try almost a year) but Tyler and I have never agreed on a fabric pattern we like. We did finally agree that our room will be slate blue and a brighter, candy-apple red (a bit more orange than red, preferably). I just found this post at Purlbee and those pillows are PERFECT! They look fairly easy to make, and they would complement the X shape on our bed's headboard.
Here's Purlbee's photo:

I love those colors!! They could work well for our room, but there's no red. And I like red. (I might just have to settle for a red and teal kitchen someday...) Here are a few color ideas I've played around with:

(Sorry it's a little sloppy, but I just made it up in Illustrator really quick). The top row are the colors we want. Our bed is black with white/tan stitching, and our bed is slate blue. Next comes our accent color: red. I like the first pillow, with the white, red, and blue. But the problem is that I probably won't be able to match that shade of blue in felt. Darn. I think this will be a summer project, so maybe if I start looking now, I'll find something. Maybe.


Lauren said...

bottom center and bottom right = <3 vista high

The Boring Family said...

I love the top left and top center. Good luck on finding felt. If I lived closer, I'd help you make them this summer!

Anonymous said...
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