Alice in Wonderland

Check out these vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations. I found tons of free vintage clipart illustrations at The Graphics Fairy.  I love the crosshatch style of the Alice illustration, but I must admit her face is freaking me out a little.

And speaking of Alice in Wonderland, Tyler and I are SO excited for the movie coming out next week!!! Anyone else going to see it?


It's snowing on my desktop!!

So as much as I hate the snow flurries outside, I couldn't help but smile at my desktop weatherbug. :)


CUTE! I spotted this on Ohdeehoh and it reminded me of my mother-in-law's stocking gifts to Tyler and I on Christmas morning. We got some pretty sexy bananas!

(as seen by Tyler)

I love you, Fail Blog. :) 

Here's some more I just found, and I've gotta say ouch. Good thing Tyler helps me with the laundry. :) (Only men would vote the second one as a "WIN" instead of a "FAIL". Shame on you!)


Volunteer Opportunities?!

I may or may not have seen these on Disney's Give a Day volunteer opportunities list for Oceanside, California...

I want to be a rabbit companion. [Do you think Mom would let me shelter a rabbit in the house for a few months when we live with her this summer? It's for a good cause...]


How to Cook Steak in an Oven

Last night for dinner I made Tyler top sirloin, potatoes, and asparagus, served with french bread. YUM. Tyler and I love to eat steak, but it's really hard to cook if you don't have a grill and it's 32 degrees outside. But my good luck chimed in and just in time this email popped into my inbox titled "How to cook steak in the oven". Perfect!
We tried it, and it was EXCELLENT. No burnt edges, and our kitchen didn't smoke up the whole house like it normally does. We did have to cook it a bit longer under the broiler though because our steak was pretty thick.
Directions here.

And while we were at Sunflower Market, I spotted this goof. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture? (Besides Tyler's hair—don't worry, we got it cut that same afternoon)

Little People

Remember these little people?
Here's a wallpaper of them...although I don't think fisher price ever made goth little people.

(My friends and I in high school loved these. I think Jocelyn had over twenty of them! We named them and everything. We had little people movies. We had parties. And I don't think I should be admitting this.)

Courtesy of Totally Severe.



The hubby showed this to me late last night. He insisted that I sit down and watch it, and it was well worth it. It's called Validation, and has won several awards... I can see why.  It just made me feel really happy inside, despite the fact I was in tears because we bought a belgian waffle maker and after it made the first waffle, it stopped working. :(

So please watch it. You won't be sorry. In fact, you'll want to share it with everyone you know.


RECIPE: Taco Soup

I really need to be better at taking pictures.
So I took pictures of dinner tonight (which was entirely handmade and fabulous, by the way).
I decided while taking pictures that I want a nice camera someday. An SLR. I want raw files, not jpegs. I use them at work all the time and they are so easy to edit! I also want CS4( photoshop and illustrator) so badly. I use that at work too, and it has a few really good updates I miss when I come home to my laptop with CS3. Eh, someday. (But maybe soon, while I can still get the student discount??)
K, I know that looks disgusting, but it is soooo yummy!

Taco Soup

1 lb. ground beef
1 onion, diced
1 package taco seasoning
16oz. can corn
16oz. can kidney beans
(2) 15oz. cans diced tomatoes
8oz. can tomato sauce

Cook the ground beef with the onion.
Dump everything into a large pot and cook on medium heat until it starts to simmer. 
Garnish with cilantro, sour cream, cheese. Serve with chips.

Ta da! That's it. It took me about ten minutes total. 
Although I left off the sour cream and the cheese because I'm not eating dairy for a while. My stomach has been a little upset these past few months, and I'm starting to think that dairy might be the cause of it. (I was lactose-intolerant in high school and my freshman year of college. Ordering pizza without cheese is really embarrassing and awkward. I was cured for these past few years due to Lactagen) Thus, Tyler and I went to Costco and bought the huge case of shelf-stable soy milk. It's much cheaper than buying it at the grocery store, and the best part is it doesn't have to be refrigerated until you open it.

Anyway, the point is, tonight was a good cooking night. I'm starting to have those more often, and it's really exciting. :)

a tiny rant...

One of my favorite blogs, Ohdeedoh, recently posted this, and I found it rather upsetting. It's kind of insulting to graphic designers. We put a lot of time and effort into what we do, and it actually looks good...whereas these look like crap. I'm not saying by any means that my own design work is perfect, but these are kind of over-the-top ugly, with their terrible font choices and bad layouts.

I can do better than that. We have entire classes that teach just typography. And just poster design. Ten minutes on wordle.net isn't enough to compete, in my opinion.

I kind of see what they're getting at, trying to bring art to the masses, but they're all just ugly. Would you use these as wrapping paper? Some jobs should just be left up to the trained professionals, perhaps?


look at all those wishes.



F1000011, originally uploaded by Skullkid.

This image is cool.

Bauhaus Dessau.

Bauhaus Dessau., originally uploaded by jacobssalon.

Isn't this cool? I love Bauhaus inspiration.


‘when someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. you just know that your name is safe in their mouth.’ 

– billy, age 4


graduation. oh, graduation.

Vancouver Olympics

Anyone watch the Olympics opening ceremony last night? Tyler and I did...well, in the end it was mostly me. Tyler fell asleep.

The parade of nations was cool. But I felt really bad for the country in-between the US and Canada. They pretty much got shafted; they didn't even show them or announce them on tv. Sad.

The show itself was, eh, alright. It was a little weird. I understand where they were going with part of it, but Aborigines were a little overdone. I thought their dancing in the beginning (before the Parade of Nations) was a bit long...they could have summed that up into five minutes. (It's not that I don't like the Aborigines, it's just not necessarily the most exciting thing for me to watch). I did like the use of projectors. That was AH-MAZE-ING. I was baffled at the technology they have today. Weren't the whales swimming on the floor cool? I think that was my favorite thing of the night.

The opera singer was ridiculous: her voice, her dress, her hair. I put the tv on mute after the first note came out of her mouth. That's all I have to say.

The BEST thing about the Olympics, by far, is the graphics. Oohdelalee, they are gorgeous. I want them in my house.

WAY TO GO, graphic designers. Way to show the world you rock.
See more about it here.


Humor U Comedy is now on YouTube!!!

Our favorite comedy group (the one that also performed at the Married Student Activity we planned for BYUSA last October) is now on YouTube, which means for the next two days I will get significantly less homework done, and overall be less productive in general.

Our favorite comedian so far is Stephen Jones (mostly because he's black, not because we share the same last name, although that could mean there's a black family somewhere waaaaay down the line in Tyler's ancestry. Perhaps we should look into that more thoroughly.)

SIDENOTE: Tyler and I were lucky enough to be in the same ward for over a year with half of the Humor U Comedy group, and I was even luckier that they were ALL in my Family Home Evening group. Thus, every Monday night much loud laughter and hilarity ensued. It was great.

Here's the best clip of Mr. Jones:

XKCD's view on VDay

And last but not least, Happy Valentine's Day. Courtesy of Tyler from xkcd.

Colbert Report

 The Colbert Report mentions Provo...and BYU! And they leg wrestle in the last 30 seconds of the clip, which is legendary. Colbert kicks butt.

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Better Know a District - Utah's 3rd - Jason Chaffetz
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the latest at work


Friends, there are two insanely awesome pictures I want to share with you. 

Brace yourself.

Oh, George Michael Bluth...if only your father could see you now.

It's the UP kid. Fo'sho.


"first anniversary"

Check out these gorgeous vintage wedding photographs from Jill Thomas, working with Amorology Weddings. I wish I could pull off classy elegance like that.

Real Simple

Guys, i just got the latest issue of Real Simple in the mail.
Opening up the mailbox and seeing my beloved magazine was like Christmas all over again.
And it really feels like Christmas. Every time.