I love BabyGap. They have the cutest kid clothes!

Unfortunately, they are all pretty pricey. But isn't it nice to dream about splurging a little on something completely unnecessary? I think I'd go for one of these animal suits (above, probably the giraffe one) or the piggy hat (below). Or the bear jacket. Tyler REALLY wants a bear suit for Jack. My sister Courtney tried to talk me into buying the one at the Carter's outlet store this past summer, and now I regret that I didn't. All of them are so adorable!

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Courtney said...

I am sorry that you regret not buying the bear suit- email Melissa, I think she has one you could borrow.
Love the gap animal outfits. I usually splurge on one outfit- so if you haven't splurged on something over $20 you can do it just this once, and because it's only once they will probably live in whatever you've picked to be "the outfit"