Two things.

K guys. I really want to share two things, completely not related. Well, sort of unrelated.


One: How darling are these ABC stacking cubes?! My friend Lily showed them to me. I don't have Tyler convinced yet how perfect they are...he thinks they are "girly". (To which I pointed out that they clearly aren't. Upon closer investigation, he stated, "they aren't that bad". Again, it's a work in progress.)
But they're $12. How can you beat that?! I can picture my mom and dad playing with something similar to these when they were kids. My sister has a set of stacking cubes like these and her kids love them. I think they might make a good Easter present for Jack next year. Think he'll enjoy them by 5 months? Maybe by his first birthday? I suppose until then they would look really really good on a shelf in his nursery.

images via homemadebyjill

Two: I'm totally digging these homemade racecar crayons. I told my sister she should skip the candy and give these out for Halloween! (Hey, if you're going to be the weird ones on the block, you might as well hand out cool crayons instead of toothbrushes or dehydrated apple slices, know what I'm sayin'?) I think these would make awesome party favors. You could make them into any shape you wanted, granted they make a candy mold of it. I kind of want a set for myself.

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