I recently discovered typewar.com. It's really kind of fun and satisfying. 

I was doing really well playing, but then the servers "overloaded" and this notice came up:

Errr...is it a joke that they used comic sans, or were they serious? Hmmm. Enough of that game today.

p.s. I just had a random thought - how many of you can't wait til Inception comes out on dvd?! I just read it comes out December 7th. But I bet it will go on sale closer to (or after) Christmas. ahhhhh I can't wait.


Nikki said...

Ahhhh I can't wait for Inception! I saw it 3 times in the theaters, haha. Totally gonna buy it.

kwistin said...

oh no, you've got me hooked on another typography thinger! and they'd better be joking.....