Crafty, Crafty

Tomorrow is Jack's due date. I can't believe it's so soon, but then again it doesn't really mean much. He could come at any time. I'm just worried about going too far overdue because I do not want to be induced. Tyler is just happy we successfully dodged Halloween. Our families have been teasing us relentlessly that if he was born on Halloween, kids would make fun of him and call him "Jack-o-Lantern". I really didn't want him to be born on Halloween anyway. (Halloween is my Mom's birthday, and she always said it never really got celebrated correctly. It was always eat dinner, blow out the candles on the cake, and rush into costumes to go trick-or-treating. Sad, huh? Luckily I think my dad spoils her now to make up for it.)

Today I have "kept busy". I am currently watching Down Home with the Neelys on FoodNetwork (they are the cutest couple!) and I just finished this:

My older sister told me to keep busy, but since Tyler took our car today, I am stuck at home. I decided to make one last craft for his room, one to go on his door. I used the same set of paper that I used for his JACK bunting and his pinwheel mobile.

I think it really completes everything. I'm ready, baby....come out soon!


Courtney said...

Find some more random things to do! Have you figured out what you are doing for Christmas stockings? Read a good book (or better yet, start a series) start watching ALL the Pride and Prejudice movies. And tomorrow you can hang out with me- we need to go to the library and the healthfood store and maybe Old Navy.

Alie said...

Yesterday I got the book Eve and the Choice Made in Eden from our relief society literacy committee. I started it and it's really good so far!

And yes, we should hang out tomorrow. I'm trying everything I can to keep busy but there just isn't much left for me to do!

Kamie said...

You are so cute! I love the sign you made for Jack. Its so wonderful that he has so many "mommy-made" things for his room; it's so much more special! Hang in there!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this is adorable :)