Jim Jimmery Jim Jimmery Jim Jim Jaroo

Last night Tyler and I got the opportunity to sneak away from our sleeping baby and attend a BYU basketball game. [No worries, we aren't bad parents. We got a babysitter.] We had a blast, even though BYU had a terrible game. I'll admit I was mostly looking forward to seeing The Jimmer in action, and it disappointed me that it didn't really happen. Things were just off.

Nonetheless, we had GREAT seats! My friend Lindsay works as a graphic designer for BYU Athletics and got us seats on the marketing bench, which is super close! We were right behind the cheerleaders. Thanks, Lindsay!!

And Tyler would like to add that right as the top picture was taken, Jackson Emery slam dunked it. Or something like that.

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The Boring Family said...

Watching Jimmer in action is awesome! I even have to say that the guy's got me hooked on BYU basketball these days! He's incredible! Glad you had fun!