Tony Stark

Before (assembling the Iron Man):

After (Iron Man is completed and ready to conquer the world!):

For those of you who didn't catch my post last week, Tyler built a new computer for our house. And it's wicked fast. (3x-5x faster than a MacMini would have been.)

No, seriously. It installed Windows7 in less than fifteen minutes.

We named him Tony Stark. We give names to lots of things in our family - cars, computers, babies, soccer teams - you know, the usual things anyone would name. Tyler has a name for every computer at our house, and I think I have a name for everything else. (When I was little I used to name the bugs in our house, and I've also given a name to my mom's pig statue.) We're pretty good at coming up with good names. (Tyler's soccer team is named Something Epic. He called me up to ask what he should name it and I told him, "I don't know...err...just come up with something epic." Obviously I was referring to giving the team an insanely awesome name, which, in turn, he did.) 
Thus, our new, blazingly fast computer is named Tony Stark, from Iron Man.

Can I just tell you how much I love Robert Downey Jr.'s character in Iron Man? They casted the perfect person for the role of Tony Stark. His character is witty, clever, and conceited, yet you still absolutely adore him. Genius.

That's all for today, folks (just kidding...one more post to follow). I've got Adobe Illustrator CS5 (finally!!) installed and I need to "reorganize" things on here. I'm so lucky to have a husband who is a computer genius - even though my old laptop won't even start up, he was able to recover my entire hard drive. I love you, Tyler! (p.s. isn't he cute in the above picture? For him it was like Christmas morning at our house!)

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